The Twisted Tale Fall Edition is here!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn! The days are growing shorter and the nights are becoming cooler at the official E-newsletter from the Green Mountain Pug Rescue (GMPR) providing you educational, seasonal, and fun topics in how to care and spoil all pugs of every shape and size! This autumn edition highlights how to safely prepare for the colder seasons, to watch for potential hazards both inside and outside of the home, but don’t forget to have some seasonable and safe fun along the way with your curly-tailed shadow!

In this edition, our rescued alumni, Munchkin, is back in the kitchen to bake up a canine comfort food recipe and is on a “monster” hunt to explain the strange pug noises coming from under the bedcovers that is common to his flat-faced breed.

We hope you enjoy this fall-inspired issue and please let us know of any future topics you would like to see published in an upcoming edition. Please email your ideas to or visit our Facebook page below with suggestions.

The Twisted Tale Fall 2017 Edition
The Twisted Tale Summer 2017 Edition
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