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To apply for Camden and Guinness, go to our Adoption Application.

Meet Camden and Guinness, Pugs # 15-19 and 16-19

Camden and Guinness are a bonded pair of 8 year old Chugs (3/4 Pug and 1/4 Chihuahua). Due to a death in the family they have been surrendered in love. They are healthy, chubby dogs, that will benefit from some exercise and a brief weight loss diet. They have been raised with kids and are great with dogs of all sizes. Camden and Guinness are well socialized and just great boys all around.

Guinness recently had a mast cell tumor removed from his mouth. There remains a “dirty edge” where the tumor was removed. With mast cell this could mean years more of a great life for Guinness or it could return. He does not appear to have an aggressive form of mast cell but there are no guarantees. There is nothing further for GMPR to do medically for Guinness so he is available for adoption with his buddy Camden. Please consider giving this adorable pair a forever home.

Camden and Guinness are fostered in Rexford, New York and their adoption fee is $300.


To apply for Dingo, go to our Adoption Application.

Meet Dingo, Pug #36-19.

Dingo is approximately 8 years old, male pug mix. Dingo was found as a stray on the streets of Littleton, NH. He went to a local humane society for a few weeks but after multiple families meeting him and turning him down due to his skin, the humane society called us to see if we would take him. Of course, we accepted to help this adorable pug mix!

We don’t know much about Dingo’s history but he does have some acute medical issues that we are addressing with the vet. One being his skin that is being treated with meds and we are hopeful his fur will grow back.

Dingo is a sweet boy that loves to play with toys and go on walks. He needs some work on the leash but is happy to tour you around where he sees fit. He loves to snuggle on his humans lap as he chews on bones and taking naps. Dingo would be the perfect companion to take on hikes since he has so much energy to burn. He gets along with other dogs. We are not sure how he is with cats. He is housebroken and up-to-date on vaccines.

The ideal home for him would be with an active family with older kids that is around often in the home. He doesn’t like to be left home alone for long but does better when other dogs are around to keep him company.

Dingo is fostered in Jericho, Vermont and his adoption fee is $150.

9/21/2019 UPDATE:

Dingo has had his tumors removed and all came back as lipomas (fat). His skin is healed from infection and hair is growing back. Dingo is flourishing in his foster home and doing great! We now know he gets along great with cats. He does get along with small dogs but he is nervous around large dogs. His anxiety is much better and can be left alone for hours with no issues. He would do best with a dog savvy family.


To apply for Baby Girl, go to our Adoption Application.

Meet Baby Girl, Pug #56-19

Baby Girl is a sweet 14 year old fawn female pug who came to us due to her owner’s declining health. Baby has little hearing and is currently on ear meds. She also has limited vision. She is not lacking in spirit and love. Baby can get around just fine on flat surfaces although stairs are a challenge. She loves to be outdoors but she is not housetrained. Baby is taking “baby steps” in the right direction and has started to occasionally go potty outside. Baby is scheduled for a dental and should be ready for adoption as soon as this is completed.

Please consider this sweet senior for your family.

Baby Girl is fostered in Colchester, VT and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Teddie, Pug #57-19

Teddie is a handsome 3 year old fawn male pug who was surrendered due to an infant’s allergies. Teddie has been much loved by his family since he was a puppy and after trying all possible ways to make it work, the baby is just too allergic. Teddie has not been well socialized and is aggressive when meeting other dogs. This is unfortunate because he is healthy, housebroken and a wonderful boy in every other way. We are looking for a home where Teddie can be the only dog in the family. He has done well with cats.

Teddie is fostered in Brattleboro, VT and his adoption fee is $350.

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