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Meet Punkin, Pug #25-18

Punkin is a 2 year old Chug (Pug/Chihuahua cross) Punkin was surrendered by her owner because she was not getting along with their other dogs. Punkin has a bit of a sketchy background and recently had a small litter of stillborn pups. She accidentally got bred by her father. Punkin is just that, a sweet, little punkin of a dog. She weighs approximately 15 lbs if that much. Punkin is a total cuddler and attaches herself quickly to her caretaker. She is nervous and shy at first but bonds quickly. She does alert easily and shows some of the Chihuahua intensity. Punkin needs to be spayed and fully vetted before adoption. She seems to get along with other dogs and shows no aggression or resource guarding. Punkin is high energy and would benefit from some basic obedience training. Possibly a good agility candidate.

Punkin is fostered in Charlotte, Vermont and her adoption fee is $300.


Meet Michelle, Pug #26-18

Michelle is a very petite, 5 year old, female pug. Michelle was turned in to a shelter because her owner passed away. There was no family available to take her in. Michelle was incredibly stressed out on the day she was turned into the shelter. She had what the shelter staff thought were two seizures. Because of this, the shelter contacted GMPR to take her in. Since that very first day at the shelter, she has shown no other seizure activity. Michelle does appear to be housebroken, but of course, a refresher course is always recommended when a pug comes into a new home. Michelle is an absolute doll of a pug. She has not exhibited any toy or food aggression, and she absolutely loves to play with toys. She is an agile little gal and can clear a 24 inch baby gate with ease! Michelle is a very typical Velcro pug and wants to be where her human is. She is not dominant and would enjoy another dog for company.

Michelle is fostered in Saratoga Springs, NY and her adoption fee is $250.


Meet Coatsy, Pug #27-18 and Cooper, Pug #28-18

They are a bonded pair of 4 1/2 year old, neutered, male pugs. They were rescued by a Pug Loving Samaritan because their owner was going to take them to the pound, Sometimes people feel like they run out of options and hope that the pound will find a good home for their pets. They are Housebroken if kept to a routine. Once Coatsy and Cooper have received their dental's and been vetted, they will be ready for adoption. These are chubby, happy pugs, just waiting for the right home.

If you love typical, comical, happy-go-lucky, pugs, and would like two of them, these are the perfect ones for you.

Coatsy and Cooper are fostered in Pattersonville, New York and their adoption fee is $700.


Meet Lexi and Odd Ball, Pugs #18-23 and #18-24

Lexi is a 10 year old, black female pug that came in with Odd Ball, 5 year old, black male pug. These two were originally posted separately but after discussions with the previous owner they feel strongly that these two should be placed in a home together because they are mother and son. The owner surrendered these two to GMPR because they were moving and couldn't take them along.

Lexi is a sweet girl that loves to follow her humans around the house but doesn't mind relaxing for a while to take a nap. She is crate trained and housebroken. She gets along well with other dogs and children. She does not get along with cats, she will chase them. She enjoys car rides and taking walks. She has some skin issues that we are working on with the vet and is scheduled for a dental.

Odd Ball is a playful pug who loves to give kisses to kids. He gets along well with dogs but not cats. He is currently not completely housebroken because he is not neutered he will try to mark. Once he is neutered he should be quick to completely house train. He loves to take naps with momma, Lexi. He does have some separation anxiety and will cry in the crate. Odd Ball is scheduled for neutering, dental where he will likely get most of his teeth pulled and to get his nasal passages opened up to help him breathe.

Lexi and Odd Ball are fostered in Burnt Hills, New York and their adoption fee is $400.


Meet Pickle Pug #21-18

Pickle is a 2 year old fawn male Pug/Jack Russell Terrier mix who is a GMPR alum. Pickle was returned due to his owner’s serious illness.

Pickle is a very active young dog who will benefit from a knowledgeable owner who can work on his manners and house training. Pickle is unsure of strangers but settled into his foster home very quickly. He is said to be good with dogs and kids but cats are unknown. He is a handsome dog and has lots of potential.

Pickle is fostered in Barre, Vermont and his adoption fee is $300.


Meet Zoey, Pug #18-16

Zoey is a 10 year old fawn female pug. Zoey came in with Frank. She was surrendered due to the family making a move. Zoey will need a special home as she is blind and diabetic. Her foster mom says Zoey can do a small set of steps and is not afraid to explore. She is quite mobile, gives kisses and is very sweet. Zoey will need to have insulin injections twice a day so someone home who is looking for a loving companion would be a good fit.

Zoey is fostered in East Barre, Vermont and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Bogart, Pug #18-14

Bogart is an 11 year old, male fawn pug. He was surrendered to GMPR in love due to changes in the home. Bogart has some urinary incontinence issues that we are working on with the vet. Don't let his age deceive you, he is very much the life of the party. He is not crate trained. He is housebroken as long as he is taken out regularly due to his incontinence. Other than that he is very healthy for his age.

An ideal home for Bogart would be a home where someone is home most of the time so they can keep up with his potty schedule and have plenty of cuddle time with him.

Bogart is fostered in Jericho, Vermont and his adoption fee is $150.


Meet Bella, Pug #12-18.

Bella is a 5 year old black female pug who was surrendered with her buddy Paris (pug 13-18). Bella has been fully vetted and is ready for her forever home. Bella has a playful streak and a bit of a Diva attitude. She has made a lot of progress with her house training as long as she has someone who can let her out frequently. Bella is good with kids. She wants to chase cats.

An ideal home for Bella would be with another adult or Senior dog that she can snuggle with. She is not very tolerant of puppy energy which is why it is preferred she is with another low key dog.

Bella is fostered in Belmont, VT and her adoption fee is $250.


Meet Snuggles, Pug 17-078

Snuggles is a 4 year old female pug/husky mix. Snuggles is an owner surrender who was adopted last year. Their chug decided that she did not like Snuggles and there have been some spats. Snuggles is larger than a pug and very fit and active, she would make a wonderful hiking/walking partner. Her foster dad has been working with her on getting along with other dogs and children. She is best friends with a couple of her foster fur siblings and she loves her foster dad's grandchildren.

An ideal home for Snuggles is with an active family that is dog savvy. She will need some structure in her daily routines to keep the husky side of her at bay.

Snuggles is fostered in Ogdensburg, NY and her adoption fee is $300.

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