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Meet Lily, Pug #6-19

Lily is a 12-15 year old female pug. Difficult to say exactly what age she is because of her rough condition. Lily was picked up as a stray in a busy intersection in Manchester, NH. She was taken to the Pope Memorial SPCA in Concord, NH. No one claimed her, so she is now with GMPR. She was called Lil' One at the shelter and is now Lily. She is definitely vision and hearing impaired, but orthopedically good. Doesn't show the typical hind end weakness that so many pugs develop and motors around quite well. Her coat is scruffy and she has some elephant skin on her tail. We think this is severe flea allergy dermatitis and will resolve with good care and medicated baths. She is a spunky gal and likes to voice her opinion in the cutest scratchy pug voice. Lily will be evaluated and fully vetted. If you are a lover of Senior Pugs, this little gal will melt your heart completely!

Lily is fostered in Hartland, VT and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Copper, Pug #19-07

Copper is a 9 year old male pug mix (Cavalier King Charles/Pug). Copper was surrendered because the family was having another baby and could not provide him with the attention he needs. Copper is a sweet big boy weighing in at 32lbs and loves to snuggle but is still playful for his age. He loves to go on walks and hikes. He gets along well with other dogs and children. We are not sure how he is with cats. Copper is housebroken and will let you know by scratching at the door when he needs to go outside.

The ideal home for Copper would be with an active family that will help him burn his energy. He would do well with kids that are older because he is known to be a food thief with kids and take the food right out of their hands if they will let him. Copper also has some anxiety being left alone so a family that is home often would be preferred. He is currently on anxiety medications to help ease his anxiety.

Copper is fostered in Pattersonville, New York and his adoption fee is $150.


Note: We will not be accepting new adoption applications at this time for this dog

Meet Frankie, Pug #12-19

Frankie is a 1 year old pug mix who was surrendered due to a family move. The new move made it dangerous for Frankie as the family was afraid the young daughter would let him out into traffic. Frankie is energetic and loves to play with his foster brother. He has been great with the grandkids but older children are recommended due to his activity level. He does like to snuggle on the couch with a favorite person. Frankie has been accident free in his foster home and appears to be fully housetrained. He also enjoys toys and gets along with other dogs. He has never lived with cats. Frankie will be ready for adoption as soon as he is neutered.

Frankie is currently fostered in Berlin, VT and his adoption fee is $300.


UPDATE: These two are on medical hold due to additional vetting needed.

Meet Camden and Guinness, Pugs # 15-19 and 16-19

Camden and Guinness are a bonded pair of 8 year old Chugs (3/4 Pug and 1/4 Chihuahua). Due to a death in the family they have been surrendered in love. They are healthy, chubby dogs, that will benefit from some exercise and a brief weight loss diet. They have been raised with kids and are great with dogs of all sizes. We will have them evaluated by our vet and more than likely have dental's done for them both.

Camden and Guinness are well socialized and just great boys all around.

Camden and Guinness are fostered in Rexford, New York and their adoption fee is $300.


Meet Bart, Pug #17-19

Bart is a 7 1/2 year old male pug surrendered in Love. His family has a newborn baby and way too much going on, to give him the attention he needs. As we all know, Pugs require lots of attention and Bart likes his one on one human time. Bart is housebroken, but will require a refresher course in his new home. Bart is very social and likes to be around people. He is the life of the party, and will steal food if he can reach it. His favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch with you. He is playful and enjoys his outdoor time. He is good with kids, and dogs, but hasn't been around cats. Bart lost his left eye due to an accident when he was very young, but manages fine without it.

Bart is fostered in Perkinsville, VT and his adoption fee is $250.


Meet Murphy, Pug #18-19

Murphy is approximately 8 years old, fawn male pug. Murphy came to GMPR after being spotted for sale on Craigslist. Wanting to help him find a safe situation concerned persons jumped in to help and got GMPR involved. He is a sweet, affectionate and laid-back pug boy. He has been great with other pugs and relaxed and welcoming to new people that he meets. We donít know how he is with cats. He is calm in the car and has enjoyed walks. His medical history is unknown. He has had a exam at the vets and appears to be in very good health. He is now vaccinated and is scheduled for a neuter and dental. His foster mom is doing a housebreaking refresher with him, he enjoys going outside and is even going to the door letting his foster mom know he needs to go out. He has shown no aggression towards food and no interest currently in toys.

Murphy would do great in a home with one or more playful dogs to keep him company. A home that can give him a lot of attention, exercise and companionship would be wonderful for him. His personality is low-key, he is one of those pugs that can go everywhere with their family.

Murphy is fostered in Saratoga Springs, NY and his adoption fee is $150.


Please Note: We are not currently accepting new adoption applications for this dog at this time.

Meet Franklyn, Pug #19-19

Franklyn is a 2 year old, fawn male pug. He was surrendered to GMPR with love because of financial constraints due his medical conditions. Franklyn needs surgery for a liver shunt and he is on numerous supplements for his condition. He lost his left eye due to a cat scratch so cats in the home is not recommended for him. Franklyn is a playful puppy but loves to be the boss. He does get along with other dogs but would be best with another passive dog since he is so dominant or another playful dog that will tolerate his personality. He loves to play with kids and give kisses. Franklyn is neutered and housebroken.

Franklyn is fostered in Mendon, Vermont and his adoption fee is $350.

We are currently accepting donations for Franklyn for his medical needs.

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