Adoption Application

I have read and understood the adoption process information located here:

Full Name:    
State: Zip:
Please provide us with the name and phone number of your employer and length of employment.

Please provide us with the name, address and phone number of your veterinarian.  If you don't have a vet, then the name and phone of the vet that you plan to use for the rescue dog.

Please provide us with two references and their phone numbers.  One of the references must not be related to you.

Do you own or rent your home?  
Allowed to have pets?   
Do you have a fenced-in yard? 

Some of our rescue pugs are coming from the Midwest states of MO, KS, AR etc. Some of these pug rescue groups need their pugs in homes with fenced in yards. Answering this question will help us determine if one of these pugs would be good for your home.  
Do you have a pool? 
If renting, please provide landlords name & number.

Have you owned a pug before?    
If yes, when and where?

Have you ever had a rescue dog before or applied with any other rescue groups?    
Please provide a few details:

Do you know what pugs were originally bred for?

What do you feel are good traits for a dog owner to have?

Why did you choose to adopt a rescue dog, verses getting a puppy or dog from a breeder? And why did you choose the pug breed?

Pug dogs can have many medical expenses, especially when they get older.  Many of the dogs that come into rescue have medical needs that have to be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Do you feel that you and your family are prepared for that emotional and financial obligation?

If there is an available dog you are interested in adopting, please list the name of the dog(s):

About what age are you looking for in a rescue dog?  (Please be aware that rescues almost never get puppies in.)
Do you want a male or a female?  
Rescue pugs come in three colors; Black, Fawn and Silver. Which color do you prefer? Black and Silver do not often show up in rescues, so you might have a longer wait for one.  
Would you consider adopting a bonded pair of pugs if we were to get in any?
Would you consider adopting a senior pug that needs your loving support? Seniors would be age 10 or older- normal life expectancy is 12-14 yrs.
We do get in pug mixes.  Would this be something that you would be interested in?    
Most rescue dogs are good with children.  Do you have children or will this dog be around children often?

Please list all names and ages of additional occupants of your household.

Most rescue dogs are good with other pets.  Do you have other pets and will the rescue dog be around other animals?

Have you had pets in the recent past and what happened to them?

Are all of your pets spayed or neutered?
Do they regularly go to the vets for annual check ups and heartworm tests (for dogs) and exams, shots, etc?

If you plan to travel, will the rescue dog go with you?  If not, what arrangements will be made for the dog's care?

When you are not at home, where will the rescue dog be and how many hours will the dog be left alone?

Does everyone in your family agree on getting a Pug as a pet? 

How long have you been at your current address?

Most of the pugs that come into rescue are Not housebroken. Pugs that are housebroken may need a refresher course in Housebreaking when transitioning into a new home. Pugs can be very Difficult to housebreak and some may never be completely housebroken. Housebreaking requires patience, diligence, a consistent routine, and a sense of humor.

Are you willing to adopt a pug that isn't housebroken? 
If yes, describe how you would go about housebreaking a pug

Please note that after you have filled out this application, it still has to be approved. You should get a call within two weeks of submission to set up a home visit with a volunteer from GMPR. Once you have a home check, you will be put into the adoption database.

Please understand that because Vermont is a small state we do not get as many rescue dogs in as other Pug rescues do. There could be a years wait for the right dog to come in for your household. Please keep checking our website for new dogs. If we get a dog in and it matches what you have put on this application we will make every effort to notify you and set up a visit between you and the rescue dog.

When a dog is placed with your family there will be a 14-day trail period to make sure that you and the dog are right for each other. If at the end of 14 days it is a good fit, the adoption will be finalized. You will also get a check-in call after the first month to see how everyone is adjusting and to answer any questions. If for any reason it does not work out, your application will go back into the system. Please let us know if anything changes on your application and we will update it.
  I verify, by checking here, that I have answered these questions truthfully, and that I am at least 21 years old.  
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