Please help GMPR help Iggy

Introducing Iggy - One pug puppy’s rescue journey......

2/8-Iggy’s first day in GMPR foster care

Iggy was born September 8, 2019. When Iggy was several months old he was sold to a pet store in Florida. During his time at the pet store, Iggy was having seizures and exhibiting neurological abnormalities. GMPR was told that Iggy saw a veterinarian while in Florida and a neurological exam was recommended, but not followed through on. At this point, a local rescue stepped in and Iggy was surrendered and transported to a veterinary clinic in Ohio. Fortunately for Iggy and GMPR, GMPR’s participates with the Puppy Mill Rescue Team (PMRT). PMRT works with a number of veterinary clinics in Ohio, triaging puppy mill dog surrenders to participating rescues. One of the PMRT’s participating veterinary clinics called GMPR and asked for help, Iggy needed to be rescued by a dedicated, experienced rescue and GMPR was happy to step up and take him.

2/12-Iggy settling into his foster home and crowding in on his foster sister

4/7-Iggy loves to go on walks. Here he is surrounded by leashes and wondering what the hold up is - Lets Go Already!

Iggy came into GMPR as a foster on 2/8. Since he came into GMPR, Iggy has has a full veterinary examination including blood work and seen a veterinary neurologist for evaluation, medication management and discussion of treatment options. Iggy’s initial diagnosis Is myoclonic focal seizures. Iggy’s seizures have continued, 2 different types of meds given 3 times a day have helped keep the seizures contained and mostly manageable. As breakthrough seizures have occurred, his medication has been increased. Based on his primary veterinarian and neurologist recommendations, GMPR has scheduled Iggy for an MRI. We want him to have every opportunity for a happy and healthy life and hope that narrowing down what is causing the seizures can help with his treatment.

5/13-Iggy being a couch pugtatoe with foster brothers Rupert and Bubbie

It takes a village - GMPR is asking for your contribution to help with Iggy’s medical expenses. His MRI is estimated to cost between $3,800 and $4,200. We know that it is a difficult time to be reaching out, however a rescues expenses don’t decrease regardless of world events. We are dedicated to helping Iggy and other pugs like him who have special medical or behavioral issues. Thank you for your consideration and supporting GMPR to do what our mission is - Saving One Pug At A Time!

To donate toward Iggy's care, we have started a GoFundMe which can be found here: or you can donate through Paypal by going to Thank you for your support!



Our 2021 GMPR Calendars have arrived from the printers and they look awesome!! We changed it up this year so that every month has a collage of adorable GMPR alumni, hospice or fosters!

Calendars are $15 plus (+ $3 for shipping). All proceeds go directly to GMPR to help save more pugs!

Please message us through our Contact form to order or send an email to our Vice President, Amy Frye, at Include how many calendars you would like to order, an email address and shipping address. We will send you a PayPal invoice and once invoice is paid, we will send your order.

Thank you for your support!


Wish you could adopt or foster, but cannot at this time??

You can still help out in various other ways. Right now we’re seeking volunteers to assist in performing home visits. We make every effort to ensure our rescues live their best life after coming into our organization. One of the most important steps is a home visit. Home visits help us to determine the best placement of our rescues by matching the perfect family with the perfect rescue.

Our volunteer base is just too small within our coverage areas to handle all of our applications and we have been forced to turn some folks away. We’re reaching out in hopes to build our volunteer base so we never have to turn away an applicant due to our inability to perform the necessary home visit…

What do you need to do???

It’s simple, let us know you’re willing to help out by completing a volunteer application. We’ll setup a time of your convenience to meet with you and discuss the home visit process, and then you’re good to go and will be included in our volunteer listing..

When we receive an application, we send that application out to our list of volunteers. If the applicant resides in an area local for you to perform the home visit, let us know… Simple as that..

You love pugs and you’re reading this post, so you’re already a supporter of GMPR.

The true display of one's character is how they treat those who cannot speak or do for themselves. You're all heroes in my book and we thank you all for your continued support!! We can’t do this without you!

2019 Pug Social Photos

Our 2019 Pug Social theme was Pug Prom and it was the perfect day for it! If you missed this event or attended and want to see the photos taken by our photograhers, CLICK HERE.

We hope to see you next year. To learn more about our next year's social, CLICK HERE.


If you make donations to GMPR via Paypal and would like a Charitable tax receipt for your records at the end of the year, please send an E-mail to Phil Douglas, Treasurer, with your name and mailing address and he will E-mail you a receipt for the sum of the donations made for the current fiscal year. Reminder : mark your donation in Paypal as a charitable gift.

Pet-Friendly Housing

According to a study conducted by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), the number one reason for pet relinquishment is moving. If this is the case for your present situation, we want to provide some additional resources to maybe help you stick with your pet. Check out the pet-friendly apartments in Burlington, Montpelier, Manchester, Concord, and Portland.

Order your Pet Food at and Green Mountain Pug Rescue will get a $20 donation!

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